Promotional Materials

Whether it’s for a giveaway, pre-order campaign, or another event, promotional materials help boost awareness of your book and draw extra attention from potential readers. Mountain Peak offers multiple custom-designed options that fit your personality, brand, business, or book. Contact me for pricing. Swag bundles available.


Offer your readers a chance to mark where they stopped reading with a bookmark promoting your book or series.

Bookmark for The Secret Admirer Romance Collection

Personalized Bookplates

Plain bookplates are fine, but a touch of uniqueness makes receiving one all the more special.

Personalized bookplate for Madisyn Carlin

Address Labels

An easy way to showcase your brand is using personalized address labels.

Mock Address Label Example

Personalized Stickers

Want to add something extra? Whether you’re wishing someone happy reading, saying thanks, or just want an extra design, personalized stickers are the way to go.

Business Cards

Spread the word about your business, brand, and/or books with business cards.


Use a mug bearing your brand or book promotion to spread the word.

Design inspired by Love From Afar in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection


Notebooks are versatile. You can use them for notes, stories, planners, or just for decoration.

Design inspired by Love From Afar in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection
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