Interior Formatting

Interior formatting can make or break a book since it determines readability. Let MPED help you by providing a professional interior format for both ebook and paperback.

What is provided?

I format both ebook and paperback, which means I will provide an epub and PDF of your formatted book. Mobi is being discontinued, so MPED is no longer offering that service.

Ebook and paperback will receive a special scene break, clean chapter headings, and, if the genre fits and you so desire, additional chapter decorations for paperback.


Includes a TOC (table of contents).

Prices are as follows:

$25 for up to 20,000 words.

$50 for the first 50,000 words.

There is an additional price of $1 per thousand words.


No TOC will be provided.

Prices are the same as ebook.

What I Need From You

  • If you want a cover page and I did not design your cover, you will need to obtain that from your designer.
  • Please include your copywrite page, dedication(s), and author bio.
  • For Paperback: Your desired book size (5×8, 5.5×8.5, and 6×9 are the most common sizes).
  • The genre, blurb, and general “feel” of your book so I can determine which design works best.
  • What type of chapter headings you want: One, Chapter One, 1, Chapter 1.


If you would like “More books by this author”, extra back material (like other book covers and blurbs, etc.), then it will be an additional $5 per thing. If you want a “Books by this author” plus the first book cover in your series, then an extra $10 will be charged.