Hello, and welcome to Mountain Peak Edits & Design.

I am a Christian, homeschool graduate, writer, and intern editor at Answers in Genesis. I have loved reading since a young age, and might have a reputation for being part of the grammar police. And, as a writer myself, I understand the importance of quality editing and graphics.

I once saw someone say anyone can be an editor, but that is untrue. To edit, you need comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the English language, syntax, and grammar. Thus, here are my qualifications:

  • I am an intern editor at Answers in Genesis
  • Over a year of editing experience in Chicago Manual Style
  • I have almost six years of fiction writing experience and five years of essay writing experience in MLA and APA style
  • Staunch Oxford Comma enforcer
  • I have an Associates in English
  • I have edited numerous books for my mom and short stories, essays (both for AiG and college), and college introductory notes
  • Over five years of graphic design experience

Whether you need an editor, website designer, social media setup, or promotional materials for your book, Mountain Peak Edits and Design is happy to help.



*Please see the Editing page for stipulations regarding book genres I will not design for/edit.

**I reserve the right to refuse service to books that contradict my beliefs and MPED’s requirements.