Premade Book Covers

The first thing that draws a potential reader toward your book is the cover. Let me help you entice readers with quality, eye-catching designs. I offer ebook covers for reasonable prices.

Each cover is unique and is only sold once.

I will design a cover for everything but erotica, vampires, ghosts, zombies, dark supernatural, and yoga books.

More covers are being uploaded every week.

Font, colors, and text are customizable.

Wrap covers, designed for Amazon, are an additional $50.

If you purchase two or more covers not under the “Series” category and intend to use them for a series, I will offer a 5% discount on top of the Mountain Climber Package for a total of 20% off.

$100 Covers

Romance ($75)
Speculative Fiction ($75)

Other ($50)
Photographer Attribution Required
Series ($50 for both or $30 per individual cover)
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