Custom Cover Design

Every cover begins with a vision. A dream.

Covers are more than pretty pictures pasted on the front, back, and side of books. Covers impart the heart behind the story, catch potential readers’ eyes, and alert the potential reader to its genre. Let’s face it–books are judged by their covers, which makes it important to have a professional, clean cover that matches your book and your vision for that book.

Allow Mountain Peak Edits & Design to create a custom book cover for you. MPED only designs for clean and Christian genres (that means MPED designs nothing that contradicts the Bible), so please ensure your book fits within those categories before requesting a custom cover.

EBOOK Cover only

Price: $50-75 depending on how many images are used.

Paperback Cover

Price: $100 (includes ebook cover)


If you wish to book a series (no pun intended), the price depends on the amount of covers.

Three Covers: $350 total price

Four Covers: $450 total price

Each additional book will add $125 dollars. A discount will be provided for the final cost.


If you and a group of authors are participating in a series collaboration, each author will be charged the above prices for ebook and paperback, whichever pertains, plus an additional $10 each for the series brand design. If each author has two participating books, a discount will be applied.

Interested in a Cover?

Send me a custom cover design request through the contact page and include the genre of your book. I will send you the questionnaire and contract, and once I have the signed contract and the filled-out questionnaire, I will will know how many images we’ll need. Then I will send you the PayPal payment request. No work will be done on the cover until I receive payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.